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Copying data from an array to a table

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Unilogic version: 1.36.63
Hardware: USC-B10-T42

I am trying to fill a table with data received from an periodic modbus Read Holding Registers(3) operation. The data consists of 255 UINT16 datapoints. Because of the limit of 250 bytes I had to split it up into 3 different arrays. But I cannot find a function that could be used in a foreach or for loop to populate a indexed data table one column at a time (it's not possible to use an index iterator in a struct). I have tried to use a struct variable in the modbus operation directly (Via Add new struct)  but then the values are being forced back to 0 and for some reason not copied into the table via the "LF: Insert Row to DTI" function.

Kind regards,

Erwin Kempenaar

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