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Keypad entry variables doubts (V120 to V130)

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Hello all,

I am converting a project from an old V120 to a new V130 and I have a pair of issues related with keypad entry variables. In the V120 project I used SI 250 to activate variables directly using a numeric button and left and right arrow keys to move between screens.

My first problem is when I go to View>HMI information (in V130 project) I only find information about SI 252, the tab with variables info (SI 250) is no more, is it normal?

I used SI 42 to simulate SI 250 but I have to press enter to modify the variable. I tried something like this:

post-5995-041784100 1321457291_thumb.jpg

The selection of the variable works but the edition only works in last variable, I do not know why. Any idea?

My second problem comes with list of texts. I usually have 3 possible options for the variable and if I have 5 languages then I have 15 texts in the list. In V120 I used the same way to modify the list of texts by pressing a numeric button and incrementing a variable to only show the 3 options in the language selected. Now, in V130 if the list of texts is highlighted and I press enter I can see the whole 15 texts going up and down which should not happen. I would like to know if it will be possible to add some conditions to list of texts, like limits for numeric variables, depending on MB state or MI value in future software releases.

Thank you in advance,

Ibán G.

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