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Subroutine for reading input

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I've been fighting this one for a long time. I need to write a new subroutine for an existing program. I have the RS-232 port initialized properly, but I need to see the numeric character string come in first. If the string does not meet correct criteria (such as value(s) in range for the function), then sends out a '0', followed by a <CR> (ASCII 13). If it does, then the function needs to be performed (by other subroutines that are already defined) then sends out '1' <CR>.

Thank you for your support.

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You'll be using the Protocol:Scan FB to read the incoming data stream, capturing the characters you are interested in to MI registers so that your ladder program can check their ranges and decide which message to send out. Hard to be more helpful without knowing more about the incoming data...

Thanks, I understand that much, but I was hoping not to reinvent the wheel and find a subroutine that worked. The examples don't have anything like it, and I've struggled to make a routine work for over a month with no sucess.

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