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Data Table Date Wrong When Xfer'd To Excel

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Ok well here is my current issue. I have set up a data table to be logged to SD card in Excel format. What is happening is all data is transferred properly except the date, examp: date is 01/12/12 it logs as 11/12/12. Checked my RTC to ASCII all set right. Just not sure why the month gets logged wrong. Also by the way, the way my data table writes in the PLC is correct. Do I need to make a separate RTC to ASCII string for the excel DT or can i use the one my PLC DT reads from. If anyone has run into to this any help would be appreciated.



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If I am understanding the situation correctly you have:

1) A RTC to ASCII function block

2) You write this value to a standard DATA table and everything is correct (01/12/12)

3) You write this same information to a Sd card in the form of and CSV file and the information is wrong (11/12/12)

4) you are using the same MI for the date for both the internal data table and the SD card CSV file

I do this same function on many of my programs and I have never experienced this issue, however I have had in CSV files where I have specified the number of characters of an entry, my total line length, or carriage return/line feed wrong to where data is not separated correctly and over-runs into the data in the next location.

I will say that I have never experienced a problem using the same RTC to ASCII function block for more than one file so I do not see how this could possibly be your problem. I would think that the function block for writing the CSV file is probably to blame. Can you link your program so I can see what your CSV block structure is. If you do not want to do this can you take just a screen shot of the create CSV function block settings. I would say that this is where you need to concentrate your efforts.

Thank You


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Ok well i re-wrote some things, changed around some MI's on my delimited line and delimited write functions, hope this will clear up the issues. Did find some inconsistencies in the logic. Going to load and test in the morning so hope all goes well. Thanks for the info on pointing me in the right direction. Starting to see bits in my sleep, is this normal? lol

Thanks For The Help,


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