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High Speed Counter w/ Reload on V570

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I am working on a project using a V570 w/ V200-18-E1B I/O module. I am trying to set up the hardware configuration, particularly the High Speed Inputs (Reload). On other projects using a V130, when I select Input 0 on the High Speed Inputs (Reload) tab, and set it to Shaft Encoder (x4), the 'Select Counter Value' box pops up and I can select MI, ML, DW for the variable type. However, in the project using the V570, I can select only the MI (ML and DW don't appear in the drop down). The weird part is, is that on the High Speed Inputs tab (without Reload), I can see all 3 choices.

Any idea as to why this is? Is it a bug in the programming software? According to the V200-18-E1B tech specs, the high speed counter input has 32-bit resolution so I am expecting to be able to use ML or DW.



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