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The PLC could realy use some changes in direct and indirect addressing for certain functions


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Hello all,

I have been working with the Unitronics PLCs for while now and there are a few things that I would like to put up for consideration. I am using the Unitronics more and more for generic OEM applications where every unit that goes out may have the same program but need different specific configuration choices. This forces me to have many many programs stored for the exact same program with the different hardware needs.

1) Make thermocouple choices available outside of hardware configuration (Ive spoken about this one before) so that my customers can use alternate types of sensors and not have me store a program for every thermocouple type.

2) For those modules that have no jumper change requirements for inputs or outputs make these net selectable and not just hardware configuration.

3) Make the com port initialization avaialble to indirect addressing so that users can have different com speeds, start, stop, and parity choices. I have to write in multiple nets to fool the PLC into using alterable com speeds and I force just one possibility for start, stop, and parity to make it easier on myself (which I almost never know what speed will work best given other hardware and local noise issues up front, and shackeling the systems to only 9600 baud is not a viable option).

4) Do not force all PID configuration functions to indirect addressing. There are several items that on a program to program basis I do not ever see changing so let me decide if I want those values to be variable or fixed . If i'm wrong thats my fault.

I am sure that there are real and valid reasons why things are the way they are, but revisiting old decisions is a healthy and necessary job task in our ever changing world.

Thank you for reading


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