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V230 + V200-18-E3XB - Stepper Example

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I'm trying to run two steppers from a V230 with a V200-18-E3XB snapin. I'm using the example V120_Stepper_motor_with_Acc_and_Dec,

My configuration:

HSO's set to NPN

HSC inputs set to NPN

Stepper driver Vexta UDK

I have wired the HSO-0 to the HSC-0 and wired V1 to COM, with this I am able to run the example, For the stepper driver they have Step (+-) / Dir (+-) inputs,

if I connect HSO-0 to Step (+) and 0V to Step (-) the program just hangs. Any help would be greatly appreciated



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how many volt SMPS are you using. I assume you are using 24v SMPS

Stepper driver Vexta UDK accepts 24v pulses or 5v pulses.

if 24v pulses then

connect HSO-0 to step- and connect 24vdc to step +

if it accepts 5v pulses

connect HSO-0 to step - and connect 24vdc with 2.2 k ohms resister in series to step +

check this may solve your problem

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