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involves Allen Bradley L32E Control Logix PLC and Unitronics V350 OPLC via Serial Port: DF1 Communication

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My name is Rhulani Marhanele from NCP Yeast and I am busy with the project which involves Allen Bradley L32E Control Logix PLC and Unitronics V350 OPLC.

I am using DF1 Communication protocol – via Serial Port, guided by the attached document (find attachment) and the Visilogic V9.3.1 Help file.

Software: For V350 = Visilogic V9.3.1

For L32E = RSLogix 5000

I’ve got in to a point where I can communicate between these two PLCs and I can send/Receive the following data types:

Integers: MI and XI

Floats: MF

I am currently struggling to Send/Receive the following data types:

Booleans: MB and XB



May you please assist me to configure the PLCs to achieve the transfer for the rest of the data types (Bool, Counter and Timer).

I will appreciate your assistance.

Thanks.UNITRONICS V130 V350 V570 DF 1 COMMUNICATION (3).doc

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First thing is to definitely make certain you have the most recent OS in the V350. There was a bug in the DF1 block that caused abnormal behavior depending on what data and addresses were used.

Second thing is a warning that the document you are referencing does have a few errors. It is definitely useful, but there are some inaccuracies. Unfortunately, I failed to properly take note of these back when I was doing this myself so I am a bit rusty on those details.

There were also some address ranges that quite simply could not be accessed for whatever reason I was never able to figure out. If I get time I'll give it a try again a bit later.

Good Luck

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