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io-lc1 and lc3 capabilities

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I have been using the unitronics now for several years with great success and I keep finding more and more challenges for the Unitronics always with no disappointment.

I have done several projects now with Unican and the io-rc1's with great success.

My question today is,

I have a project which I want to use a vision 1040 with some io-rc1's but I also have 15 loadcells that I want on this system. Can the vision 1040 handle 15 loadcells via unican and local?

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Well, you you need 15/3 = 5 total LC-3 modules. So as long as you are under 8 modules with the rest of your IO requirements you should be fine.

The V1040 is only getting data from the RC1, it doesn't really care what it is on the other end. The processing for it is no more intensive than any of the other modules. The more pertinent question is can the RC1 handle 5 LC-3 modules. I have never used that many, but I don't see why not.

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