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My goal is to administrate( online test, download updated programs ) on Vision series PLC's, remotely. I have been trying to do this using GPRS, but have run into some problems. Can anybody help me out?


Here is the hardware I'm using:

* Enfora Modem with ATT card (card is assigned a private IP) on PLC

* Vision V570 PLC

* PC running Visilogic 9.4.0

* DSL router with port forwarding to my PC

This is process I have been trying:

* Send SMS with IP address of DSL router

* Initiate a GPRS call, either with button on screen, or with SMS message

And here are my experiences:

* When initiating a "call" from the screen, I don't have a problem connecting to Visilogic. The problem seems to be conflicts between SMS & GPRS. When a GPRS call has been made,

and ended, the PLC will not receive any SMS messages, until the PLC has been rebooted. :( When an SMS message has been recieved (before any calls are made), then a

call is started, the PLC will crash with this message: Illegal Word Operand Access.

* The above seems to happen consistently, although it may be a problem in my program ( see attached file ). If I use the above method to remotely administrate PLC's, I most certainly

need a method of "calling from the PLC" remotely.


My next question: Is the above method recommended for remote administration, or is there a better way? When I have successfully connected via GPRS the connection seems

very slow, and at least once a download error occurred.

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