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After Update Fatal Error Loop

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Hello, I just recently updated Visilogic to version 9.4 and also the O/S on my v1040. Then I went to my program I was working on and downloaded it. Everything was going along fine then bam my communications was lost. Now the screen is just flashing Starting PLC..... for about a second then it flashes the Fatal Error for a split second and goes blank. Then it repeats this indefinitely. I cycled power and took out the battery and it started back up doing the same thing. Next, I held my finger down on the screen and it went to a boot touch request and started the countdown to O/S timer. It starts at 10 and counts down. Once it gets to 0 the screen resets and starts flashing the same thing again. I need some help. I dont know what went wrong or how to get it out of this loop. I have windowsXP and my systems are all update as I completely deleted visilogic and did a fresh install of the new version. Help Please!

Thanks, Dustin

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