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We're testing a CANopen network consisting of a V570 as Master and an IFM CR0403 PLC acting as a Slave. We are using VisiLogic 8.6.2, and because of the installed base, we are not planning to upgrade to anything newer.

In Info-Mode, we can see the TPDO messages arrive, as well as our NMT Control and Status messages. We can set the Slave in and out of Operational Mode (although only using CANID == 0, ie. All, rather than == 2 which is the Slave CanID, strangely enough). But we are not able to get our single RPDO message to go.

- Is there anything particular we have to do in Info-Mode to see RPDO messages?

We're sending our RPDO message every 500 mSec. My understanding is that messaging is unsolicited, so we don't need any special setup at the other end to receive the message. When we first tested, the RPDO message briefly worked, and then stopped. We are going to go back and try to re-create what we did. We've stripped out everything except the CANbus programming to simplify testing.

We tried with a second V570 and had no success. Since we don't see the RPDO in Info-Mode, we are assuming the problem is with the Master, not the Slave.

The V570's are new.

- Is there anything in the Firmware of the current 570's that would interfere with RPDO's programmed with Version 8.6.2?

- Can we use the "Log to SD Card" feature of the CANbus sniffer with a new V570?


Fred Mason

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The PLCs on hand have all been received from the Canadian distributor recently. Not sure of the OS Version, but it's at least 3.4. We haven't had any trouble downloading from 8.6.2/3 to them, i.e. no complaints from the software.

I have noticed in the past if the version of the OS does not match well with that era of Software build you can get strange anamolies. Don't expect the software to complain, it won't. If you think about it, the new V570 units are probably shipping with an OS suitable more for V9.3 or V9.4 Visilogic. So when using a more current OS with the older software, there are many new features in the OS that the software is not aware of.

If you look in the version changes document you will see that they have changed/fixed some things in the CAN programming that I am sure correspond with OS changes. These changes may have affected the compatibily of V8.6 with the new OS.

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It was the Enable bit for the CANbus node, that MB that you set in the CANbus Configuration dialog that apparently enables the transmit side of the CANbus card out to the other nodes. TPDO messaging worked all along.

One would assume that an Enable bit would control comms both ways, but that's not the case. The help files don't show the Enable bit in the illustrations of the CANbus Configuration window, and it doesn't seem to be mentioned anywhere.

My bad, I've been burned by this before. I'm sure there's a use for this bit, but it's not obvious to me what that is.


I'm thankful that we didn't have to upgrade to a newer version of VisiLogic. The Release Notes should be more explicit about changes and potential incompatibilites.

Damian, thanks much for your help and suggestions. I have to say that the Unitronics forum is a great resource, and much more responsive and relevant than A-B or Wonderware!

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