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V350-35-T2 as a PI-control on a pelton hydro turbine

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My gool is to control a Pelton Hydro-turbine with a load-bank. 4500W ( 4,5KW )

The equipment i have is a Unitronics V 350-35-T2 , highspeed counter and a SSR operating on 4-32VDC ( opens on zero )

The plan is to count the revs on the hydro-turbine 16 counts per rev. The operating rev should be 25 reves per sec and there for 400 counts per sec this is then feed in to the HSI ( high speed input ) on the V350 OPLC.

If the speed is growing then more load is implemented to the load bank and if the speed is dropping the load is reduced.

I have been trying to use the FB ( function block) PID with auto tune with limited results! Some how i belive i need to have the FB PWM scan also. The output from the PID is then feed in to the PWM scan, the output from the PWM is then used to determine the time of the pulse ( duty cycel )

If anyone can help with a sulution to this problem, it would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards


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