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I am trying to get the V120_Keypad_Entry_Variable_Control.vlp example program to work in order to adapt the concept to a current project.

The example program allows one to switch to a 'Variable Entry' screen in order to update 6 variables and then save them and then return to a main screen with the ESC key.

Upon entering the 'Variable Entry' screen, any variable may be selected for change by scrolling through the variables using the right arrow key. The selected variable is indicated by a scrolling graphic of an arrow.

When the desired variable is reached, pressing the ENTER key should make the indicated variable active, thereby allowing it to be changed. Another press of the ENTER key should save this newly changed variable, and then scrolling to another variable can continue.

When all desired variable are changed, hitting the ESC key will return us to a main screen.

At least that is my interpretation of what the program should do.

What actually happens is that the scrolling arrow icon and the scolling active variable (indicated by the blinking cursor) are out of sync, so that pressing the ENTER key on a variable highlighted by the arrow icon actually activates some other variable. Now the active variable may be scrolled thru the 6 positions while the arrow icon does not move.

Is this operation correct? What am I missing? or is something wrong with the program?

Original unedited sample program is attached.

PLC: V120-22-R1

Visilogic 9.4.0 Build 0


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Hi Alltechno,

The application was not responding as you had intended because of the Variables in relation to the Pointer. The HMI organizes the variables in a numerical order. This can be found in the project explorer window in the related HMI. If you reference application you will find that variable numbers 1-6 are used for the numeric entry data. Variables 8-13 are for the pointer. I have included an image to help define the variables. I have also included a modified application which accounts for the difference in variables by setting an offset of 6.

Thank you


V120_Keypad entry.vlp

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Hi Michael, thanks for the fix.

That fix has synchronized the arrow icon & the active variable when scrolling thru the 6 variable choices.

However, another minor issue seems to have appeared, one that I can live with if necessary.

When the desired variable is selected, by hitting enter, the cursor blinks to indicate the active variable. This is as expected.

Now, if the arrow key is inadvertently pressed while the cursor is blinking, the arrow icon moves away from the active variable and again they are out of sync.

To try and prevent this action, in rungs 3 & 4, after the SB52 direct contact(Right Arrow key) I have added an inveted contact linked to SB32(HMI keypad entry in progress) to try to deactivate the right arrow key while the selected variable is active.

But this did not prevent the previous issue.

As i said, it is a minor issue that i can live with.

Thanks, again.


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