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Combining the two projects Visilogic

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Hi Delphin,

To combine the two applications you can Export the Subroutines as well as the HMI displays from one of the projects. You can then open the next application and Import the HMI and Ladder (subroutines) keep in mind you need to be cognizant of Operand addresses as to not overwrite any values. You will find the import/ Export commands will be under project, within VisiLogic.

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Michael_P, thank you for such a quick response .. ))

The fact that the project Web Server Application V350.vlp developed by a third party. All strategy covered by a password. I'm afraid I can not understand what the operands for what, and if I can change their address ..

I think that for such applications as Web Server, DHCP client must be present .. And I hope that the developer Enhanced Vision PLC WebServer will understand this and will add to the project DHCP ..

Sorry for my english. :rolleyes:

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