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Hi to everyone

First of all sorry for my bad English.I want to make aprogram using an encoder up to 5KHz,two analog inputs to compare two analog values and then when the average value of them is within a setpoint ,i want to drive a motor.the motor will stop when the encoder counts a number of pulses.the number of pulses that i want must entered by display.Iam not familiar with Unitronics plc's.I have a decade experience in siemens S7-200 but i want to try with this brand also.What series and what model have to choose for my project? I need 10 digital inputs,two analogs and 6 outputs

thanks to everyone in advance

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Given your IO requirements If you want to use the JAZZ controller I would say it should be a JZ10-11-R31 or for better processing speed the new JZ20-R31. If you were wanting to try the M91 then It would e the M91-2-R34. These have 16 digital inputs, 11 relay outputs with 2 analog inputs and the high speed input you need.

However, personally I would go with the V130-33-R34 so that I can have the built in long integers, a little bit faster possibility on the encoder speed (depends on wire length - look up the technical specification sheets to see what is possible) and extra functions that exist in the V130.



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