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Good Morning

Completely new to this and have decided to venture out to get a PLC to do what I want it to do

Basically need a counter to count the number of inputs it gets.

Parts going down a conveyor to be diverted either to Bin A or Bin B

If they dont go to Bin A then they will go to Bin B

I have a blocking device (pnematically activated) that will lower and raise (I hope)

Customer will set the number of parts to go to Bin A, this will also be the number of parts into Bin B

Theory is

If the set point is set at 25

Start, output is set to lift cylinder

Parts go past a sensor, counter counts these parts, when it gets to the set point, cylinder drops, and then when it gets to the set point again, cylinder raises

Repeats ad infinitum.

I have made a start on what I think should work, but wanted expert opinion

All offers of help will be graciously recieved

Thanks for listening (reading) my babble

I hope my program is attached!


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