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EX-D16A3-TO16 problem with analog inputs

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I have problem with connection analog input to current regulator 4-20. When I connect +from regulator to input AI0 (pin 28 expansion module) and - from regulator to common 0V(pins RG and 0V expansion module). I change values on regulator but in analog input register nothing change. What i do wrong with wiring input.

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I know absolutely nothing about the 4-20 regulator you have so please take this comment keeping this in mind.

If your 4-20 device does not provide its own power in the 4-20ma loop then your connections are wrong. You would have to connect the + of your 4-20 to +24VDC and the - of your device to the analog input of the PLC.

If the device is self powered then your connections should be correct. Check your hardware setup in your program and that you are looking at the correct MI (or wherever you are storing the analog input data)


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