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Establishing communication with device RS232

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Hello everyone,

This is my first post here and I want to say hi to all of you good people.

I am not so new to the PLC's, but i am new to Unitronic. So far i was wery found with V570, but now i must use jazz JZ10-11-R31.

I have problem to communicate with electronic scale who send me constant signal on RS232 with next protocole :

Start 1 Start 2 Sign bit1 bit2 bit3 bit4 bit5 bit6 end1 end2 <CR> <LF>

W...........N........0 or -.............................................k........g

I saw the demo aplication card reader and i managed to recive some value but when i change weight up and down the screen freeze.

I stored:

87 -> SI141 (tryed 78)

103 -> SI142 (tryed 107)

14 -> SI143

15 -> SI144

0 -> SI145

1-> SI146

300-> SI140

trigger for storing is power up bit and i try Digital input and taster enter.

Can you help me to establish this communication in order to countiniously recieve signal.

Thanks in advance.

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