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touch button in combination with alarm screen

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During a start up with a V350 on a self driven cart I noticed the following. The program is also using the alarm utility. I’ve made a manual control for driving the cart.

The bit “one of more alarms is pending” activates the alarm screen.

The manual control for driving is just a touch button which activates the drive output. I was driving manually and an alarm occurred. The alarm screen pops up but the cart keeps driving even when I released my finger of the screen. I could repeat it and I saw that the touch button bit remains high when an alarm occurred even when you release your finger of the screen. I change this in the program that when an alarm is active the output is disabled.

I try here one my desk with another V350. I took a touch button which triggers an alarm. So when I press the button the alarm screen pops up. I release my finger of the screen and again I noticed that the bit of the touch button remains high. Even when you shut of the power and switch it on again. When the esc button of the alarm screen is pressed the bit wil reset.

In my opinion it should be when the touch button is not visible anymore, because of a screen change, the bit of this button should reset. The test program is added.



alarmscreen test1.vlp

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