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Remote access via GSM modem from Visilogic

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Working on my first application requiring remote access via a GSM modem.  I need to reach the Unitronics to view program remotely.

I have recieved from AT&T 2 ways to communicate.  The first try is supposedly simpler but doesn't quite meet my needs due to the number of installations required.  It involves a static public IP (I have received a static public IP from AT&T) but I cannot get the comm init to finish and turn on bit SB80.  I initialized the modem with the Unitronics untiity, and can talk to it through hyperterm.  I took the program used in the Unitronics training and modified with my APN and info.  I have the sniffer on line and it looks like the initialize com starts but doesn't finish.  It looks like it hangs just after the reset in the comm initialize block.  any suggestions?  Once this works I need to try and make it function on a VPN to allow more devices.

FYI using AT&T for cell service and there "access my lan" for VPN.


- Brian


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