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Transfering data between PC (Slave) and PLC (Master) using MODBUS tcp/ip over Ethernet.

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I'm trying to connect my PC with a Unitronics PLC. I would like to use Modbus over TCP/IP for this purpose. This is the first step in my project. Later on I would like to connect it to a Rabbit Wolf (BL2600) to exchange I/O. I first want to connect the Unitornics PLC to my laptop to get a decent understanding of the Modbus TCP/IP protocol used by Unitronics.


At the moment I'm already stuck, so I hope that someone could help me.

I did read the documentation about Modbus Application Protocol on: http://www.modbus.org/docs/Modbus_Application_Protocol_V1_1b.pdf

I'm using the Unitronics example code: V280_Ethernet_TCP_MODBUS_IP_Master (without any changes)

I used the Vellamod tool to connect and send data: http://www.tuomio.fi/vellamod/index.htm (I'm running windows 8, so I have some problems with other tools and this one seems to work nice)

I'm using Wireshark to inspect the TCP/IP traffic.


However, I'm now in the current situation. The laptop connects, but I don't get any response.


I connect to on port 502. My laptop is set to  (subnetmask, gateway


I try to send the following (see attachment for a printscreen):

byte 0:   transaction identifier = 0

byte 1:   transaction identifier = 0

byte 2:   protocol identifier = 0

byte 3:   protocol identifier = 0

byte 4:   length field (upper byte) = 0 

byte 5:   length field (lower byte) = 2

byte 6:   unit identifier = 255

byte 7:   MODBUS function code = tried 3 (Read Holding Registers) and 4 (Read Input Register)

byte 8:   00

byte 9:   26 (I try to read MI 38)


When I than inspect the transmission with WireShark, I get the following



Protocol: Modbus/TCP 

Length: 64    

Info: Query: Trans:     0; Unit: 255, Func:   3: Read Holding Registers[Malformed Packet][Malformed Packet]


When I set: byte 5:   length field (lower byte) = 6

I get no error, but I also receive nothing with the Vellamod tool.


According to Wireshark I receive the following:





Protocol: TCP 

Length: 60 

Info: asa-appl-proto > 49933 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=325 Win=1024 Len=0


Followed by



Protocol: TCP 

Length: 64 

Info:  [TCP segment of a reassembled PDU]


And finally



Protocol: TCP 

Length: 60 

Info: asa-appl-proto > 49933 [ACK] Seq=1 Ack=335 Win=1024 Len=0


On the PLC HMI nothing is changing (Socket 3 total transmits: 0;Socket 3 total reiveces: 0)


The only strange thing that I can see is that it (Unitronics) seems to use destination port 49933, but I don't know whether this is wrong or right.


Hopefully someone can help me. Visual basic code, would also be more than welcome.


Kind regards,



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Hello Peter


With the tool your using you are sending (querying) Modbus data so this means that your pc with the tool installed is acting as a modbus master also known as modbus client.
You used the modbus master program in your unitronics controller and I think this is the problem because you have setup two modbus masters.


On the download page from the Vellamod tool there you can read an line that says
Server's response is shown at window 'Data received'.


Try to use the Modbus slave example in your Unitronics controller the use of a Modbus slave is explained in the visilogic help file.

Modbus master  can also be called Modbus client
Modbus slave can also be called Modbus server


Hope this will help you?



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