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Hi. My network comprises of 6 V570 plc's using raw udp to communicate.  IP addresses from / 101 / 102 / 103 / 104 / 105.


At this stage all plc's broadcast anytime.  I need a sequencer to make sure they only broadcast one after another acording to ip address. 


Lets say we start ip 100 to send, then if 101 receive the data from 100 he must send to all and so on.

I've attached the program recived from unitronics to set up my network.  I've tried various compares and moves but every now and the the network get stuck that way.


I will apreciate any help in this regard.





UDP Raw broadcast PLC1_V570.vlp

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HI Rcerva, 

You have already defined a data arrived bit within the logic, You can use a positive transition of that element to drive an incrementer. Also generate another incrementer when it sends to another unit.  These values can them be compared. What you will do is look to see that they are not equal, if not equal trigger or set a send bit or command, this will be used to drive the send operation, it is then incremented when the send is triggered. This will allow the unit to send only after it has received data from the previous unit, a cascading communication per say.  

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