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Using the Date as an Excel Filename

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Just wondering if anyone can help I'm using a V350 with TRA22 expansion. I'm trying to use the date as a file name for saving a CSV excel file?

Currently I use the RTC (dd/mm/yy) to ASCII and save the result in an ML and try to use this as an indirect input into the delimited line but this gives status error 2: Fail to Open File. I think its to do with the "/" that gets stored in the ASCII number, as i tried experimenting with this using constant text and got the same error status. I'm wondering if there is a work around for this?

I think i can use either vectors to fill in the date using the relevant SI bits(32 and 33) but im not sure how to fill up the vector correctly? Or I could use the String Remove function to remove the "/" from the RTC to ASCII conversion but again i'm not sure how to do this correctly?

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction :)



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