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Troubles connecting V570 and GPS

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Hello everyone, I have troubles connecting the v570 with the GPS from a fishing vessel. For interface with the GPS I'm using a Moxa TCC-100, and using FB protocol, without results.
To test the GPS signal I connected the output RS232 from the Moxa to the PC serial port and using Hyperterminal and I got a signal from the GPS.



and more..

Attached my program with gps signal, hope you can help me with some tips.

Thank you for your time.

GPS Signal fro mHyperterminal.txt

EP Yagoda.vlp

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Here is 2 years old topic were i posted sample code-NMEA-350 (link from my dropbox, If the file that you downloaded has an extension .zip, just replace it to .vlp. Than you'll be able to open it in Visilogic)


Hope it will help.

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