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Jazz JZ20-R10 connect with PC C#

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I would like to use my PLC controller to my study project.

I have the Jazz JZ20-R10. I want to connect PLC to my PC.

The reason of this connection is not download program from 'U90 Ladder', but

i have identified mathematical model of process (steam boiler) and I need simulate this process on my PC. I have transfer function, differential equations. To recieve analog output values i'll use Euler method. 

This mathematical model with simply visualization i'm going to make in C#. 

And here is my problem. I nedd to send my output values from mathematical model in C# to memory (registers) Jazz. 

There, will be some LAD Program, and then JAZZ has to send values from registers to my computer (it will be my input of my mathematical model).

Is it possible? Could You please give me proposals of solutions?



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I don't think a JAZZ PLC is really going to be what you want to use for this.  If you are going to use differential math to come up with some theoretical boiler characteristics I believe you will probably need the PLC to be able to make floating math calculations to correctly make your simulations.  The Jazz is not capable of floating point math and additionally when you are transferring data to and from a JAZZ controller you only have signed 16 bit integers to move data back and forth.  Is it possible to do what you want....I suppose, but I really think you should be looking at a V130 which does have floating point math capabilities and 32 bit longs and words/double words.


Just a Unitronics note.  MIs (16 bit integers) are only available as signed integers and there is no option to make them unsigned. 


If you still want to try a JAZZ you will need some kind of com card.  The standard USB only gives you a connection through the U90 ladder program and as far as I know does not allow for General Modbus or other standard communication protocols.


Good Luck


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