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Its possible to use some of the VisioLogic OPLC with a system wich use OPENWEBNET to read commands and execute them?

We want to know if is posible to use unitronics devices with this kind of protocol?? 

We have installed in the PC a software who uses and send OPENWEBNET commands to do some instructions, basically control some relays and contactors for lights, and VAC outlets.  Every time we press and icon in the software generate a command line to active or deactivate the relays.  Its possible to make a communication between the PC and the OPLC in this way??


If its not possible use  the OPENWEBNET, there a some way to send instructions from PC (serial or ethernet) to OPLC in a command line? Not from the VisioLogic software, and in which port can I send the commands.  I will use an V530 with EX-RC1 and 8 IO-D16A3-Ro16, the expansion modules are remotes.  


Thanks in advance



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