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JAZZ10 over Modbus Gateway

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Dear all,


I want to connect JZ10-T18 with MJ20-PRG module to Modbus Gateway, because I want to establish communication to the PC over Ethernet.

Gateway has Ethernet TCP port : - Router_EthernetPort.bmp.

Gateway has RS232 port adjusted as you can see on picture Router_SerialPort.bmp.


Ethernet card on PC side adjusted like on picture : TCP_IP_settings.bmp.


Also, I configured UniOPC as you can see on picture : UniOPC_Settings.bmp.

You can see PLC program on picture : JAZZ10_prg.bmp.


When I connect OPC Client to the UniOPC and add Item "PLC1.STATUS" I get as result : "Communication Fail".


I am not sure what could be problem.

If somebody confirm me about PLC program is it ok?

Or maybe I need MJ20-RS module?


Tomorrow I will get MJ20-RS modul.


Also, pin out for the Gateway RS232 port is :    

1 - RTS

2 - DTR
3 - TXD
4 - GND
5 - GND
6 - RXD
7 - DSR
8 - CTS
and I ceonnect to MJ20-PRG :
RS232 pin 1 to pin 6 MJ20-PRG
RS232 pin 2 to pin 1 MJ20-PRG
RS232 pin 3 to pin 3 MJ20-PRG
RS232 pin 4 to pin 2 MJ20-PRG
RS232 pin 5 to pin 5 MJ20-PRG
RS232 pin 6 to pin 4 MJ20-PRG






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