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Is there a minimum hardware requirement on the PLC side to support UniVision Licensing?

My PLC is about ten years old, and it is a V120-22-UA2 (A) running O/S 5.04 (63).


I'm able to burn the keys using the Licensing tool ("Burn succeeded"), but v9.8.31 Build 0 of VisiLogic always shows that the UniVision Licensing Function Block returns 0 in Online Test, and my PLC is not able to verify the license.


If I force the resulting Double-Word to be the Data1 Key, my application works fine, so the trouble seems to be the Licensing FB.

If you'd like an example, I've attached my program; please use the license key and data1 values from within the Licensing->Verify License subroutine.


P.S., the sample License.vlp program uses an incorrect datatype (D#) for the "A" input of the Licensing FB; newer versions of VisiLogic require datatype DUnS#. This causes an application exception.


20160827 - To Support.vlp

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