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Samba analog output?

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According to this Samba Technical Specifications document, the Samba series PLC+HMI has two 0-10V or 4-20mA user selectable analog outputs:


Looking at the SM43-J-T20 sitting in front of me, that does not appear to be the case. Did the analog outputs get cut from the production model after that information sheet was put together, or is there another model of Samba that does include analog outputs natively?

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It seems that you got the wrong Samba model as T20 has no analog output.

The samba models which have 2 channel analog output are TA22 and RA22.

"T" stands for transistor type digital outputs and "R" for relay type.


Btw the spec sheet you are referring to is for RA22 model, not for T20. 


There is not just one Samba model but various models with different I/O points on board.

Therefore every time you have to select the right model depending on your application.


You can find all available Samba models and their I/O details on Unitronics Website.

I/O points for each PLC model can also be found in the hardware configuration within Visilogic. 

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