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V350 modem init problem


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Hey and hello to all,

I am new to the Unitronics world and I have a problem with Com/modem init. 



BGS2T modem

Sample program 570_GPRS _Enfora_via_internet

I have made few modification to the program (change of the PLC type and name)

I have also initialized the PLC side modem with default settings,  baudrate 9600, the initialization goes trough without error.


But the INIT fail bit SB81 goes to 1 and INIT bit SB80 stays 0


Is there something I have missed out or what is happening? Could it be that the PLC - modem cable is broken or made wrongly, it's bought from Finnish Unitronics suplier?  Also the power connection to the modem should be OK





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Dear Juha,

1. Be sure if you have properly initialized your modem with the init strings which belongs to Cinterion BGS2T. These strings should match both for PC initialization (Init PLC modem) and for the Modem Init block in your Ladder logic.
2. If positive, try to remove commands from the Init FB line per line until the Init FB returns OK. In that moment you have determined which command returns ERROR response. Find the AT reference manual for that modem and check what exactly that command does. In some cases you can omit some commands without lack of functionality.

Good luck!

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