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MI values reset at power up (Jazz JZ20-J-T20HS


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14 days ago I bought Jazz JZ20-J-T20HS and I am making slow but strong progress in learning how to program it.

After I solved a problem with display not showing anything (I do not know what exactly I did to make it work again - I only disconnected some inputs and outputs and connected them again), another fault has occured. 

When I disconnect power supply, MI values are reset to 0, but I think they should stay stored in flash memory, and as far as I remember, values were not being reset before the problem with display occured. And I am sure I do not have powerup bits sets or anything.

Do you think I have faulty product as I also had a problem with display?

Another question: is there a command(SB?) to reset Jazz virtually so I do not have to unplug it everytime I want to start the program from begining. I am thinking abount adding a physical button which will trigger the reset.

Thank you in advance!

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Have you checked the internal battery? Never used Jazz series, I know Vision has a system bit that shows 1 if battery is low (SB8). SB300 resets PLC in VisiLogic. I had a V430 lose display for a while. Finally got it back after O/S upgrade, download and burn of ladder, and initialize PLC from info mode. The boot screen would always show up, just not the HMI home screen of program. Display black with no back lighting. Never figured out the exact cause.

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