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I am using a drum sequencer for the first time to control the sequence of a trim press. The controller is a V350.... It was originally my expectation that this could be a simpler method than using a lot of set and reset coils as I have typically done in the past for this type of application. I also have several possible sequences depending on the tool that is installed in the press. My original intent in the design of this project is to use a single drum to execute multiple sequences, and skipping blocks of steps as certain functions are not required. The resulting drum will not advance based on time, every advance will be event driven. I have several questions as a result of my preliminary programming:

How do I display the descriptions of the rows and the outputs while viewing the drum configuration function block to assist in populating the output states?

How can I view the contents of the drum configuration while programing?

How does the GoTo Step function work? The help file is great on all of the other functions but is not at all clear on this one.

How can I view the contents of the drum configuration while debugging?

Any help on this would be appreciated. Debugging tomorrow and shipping on Monday!

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