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SMS sending with empty phonebook

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I'm using Samba SM43-J-R20. I'd like to have a sms phonebook of max 5 entries to sent a sms to. The customer wants to add these 1 to 5 numbers as he wishes (anything between 1-5 numbers added to the phonebook, usually only 1 number but sometimes more numbers needed).

The question is that how the Send SMS FB behaves if I tell it to send a message to all these possible 5 phonebook numbers (I 'm  planning to have give 5 phone indexes linked to 5 MI addresses) but all the  numbers behind MI links are not defined (contains maybe null ascii values).

Am I going to get as many failure notices as there are not defined numbers? Is there a 'null' number which tells for the PLC don't send this sms? Is there some more clever solution how to tell the PLC I need to sent a sms to user defined number of recipients?

I don't have any code yet because I'm just studying whether this platform can do the trick for me.

Thanks for your help,


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