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Data Transfer to Server via Unitronics data export software

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Translated from German (Übersetzt aus dem Deutschen)

great that there is such a Unitronics Forum! Now let's see if you can help me with my problem. :)

I have to say that I am not a developer but can only report the problems that are currently present. I would like to transport a ladies set from the PLC to the server. This results in a loss of data that I can not explain to me yet.  
Imagine a production line running 5 Hz products. the data is collected (pair of serial numbers, 10 digits each) The data is collected in plc for 2 minutes and then looped by the data export software (Unitronics) from the server.

If I understood correctly, it was implemented so that the Unitronics data export software pulls the data after 2 minutes and in the PLC the memory is defined so that it can accommodate 300 lines. When the 300 lines are full (this is the maximum that passes through the line after two minutes), line 1 is started again and the previous day is overwritten.
If, for some reason, the software takes longer than 2 minutes to send the request to the plc, it may be in my understanding that data has been overwritten that has not yet been picked up. As I said, I'm not a programmer but that does not seem to solve it very well.   Can you help me here? What kind of information do you still need to help?

Thanks a lot for listening!

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