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Ethernet Class/Instance confusion - 2byte signals


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Im looking for an example of how to properly set up communications logic via EIP. I have 2 linear actuator controllers whose signal is a 2 byte word (16int) with 02T of 100 and T20 of 150. 

Ive tried two different setups that both seem to work fine for inputs

setup 1: inputs/outputs on scanner nodes goes directly to a 16bit array, in ladder logic the EIP Get All has a fake 16bit int for Class, a fake 16bit int for instance, and the destination is the array I specified in the scanner node setup under protocols.

Setup 2: inputs/outputs on scanner node settings page are 16ints I named raw data. The EIP Get All has the same 16int raw data signal as both the Class and Instance. The destination is basically the 16bit array from setup 1.

As for outputs, its the same in reverse.

In both cases, specific variables will enable the get all or set all functions at different times. I can read the current position and other bits just fine, and I can set/reset the output bits fine, but the output signal will not go out to the controllers. Even simple commands like setting the 16th bit to 1 in order to power up the servos will not work. The unitronics status number (8int) fluctuates between -6 and 48. Which is FA and FF in hex. there isn't a -6 on the EIP error page nor a 48 or FF.

There isn't any reference to setting a class or instance in the manufacturers manuals for the actuators, controllers, and Ethernet settings. I have a big test file I wrote up yesterday, and a smaller test program I started this morning for just trying to work through my communication problems. I am attaching the smaller test program that just tries to accomplish turning the servos on and off, and I am attaching the Ethernet settings pdf for my PCON-CFA controllers.

Any help would be appreciated. The two linear actuators are used to replace arbor presses that have been causing ergonomic inconveniences, and is my first project using unilogic. d



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Hi GBerkheimer,

I do not know how you want to communicate.
Implicitly or explicitly.

If the output signal will not go out to the controllers, try to check the cell "Use Run Idle for O2T".

I am have problem with SMC motor drivers JXC91 series.

I wrote it recently in topic  

"Use Run Idle for O2T" check-box in Ethernet/IP configuration

The EDS file compiler for EIPscanner does not exist in the unilogic programmer.


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Thanks Pista. I ended up figuring this out last week. I had made a trip to Boston for unilogic training. My problem was that I thought I needed to use both implicit and explicit at the same time. I got rid of the EIP set/get all/single blocks from my functions and the communication errors cleaned right up.

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