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Hi I´m working with a PLC V1210 and I have few questions with the built-in Alarm Displays, the question is how many of those diferent built-in screens are in the visilogic software and how can I chose from them? Do I have download them to use them or does  it change from PLC model to model? because I saw in the help button from the Alarm menu four way different built-in screens from the one I have when I run the Alarm program.

Also I woud like to know if I can modified the built-in screens for a better application for me and can I use a set of alarms in different proyects, like when I use subroutines in different proyects.


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No replies yet? So let me try to answer your questions.

I know 4 different built-in screens in VisiLogic:

  • Groups with pending alarms

  • Alarms in Group

  • Alarm Detail

  • Alarm History

You can call the screens with the according FBs in ladder. I recommend to start with the 'Show Groups' FB which loads display 'Groups with pending alarms' and then going more into detail.

You don't have to download the displays. They are built-in -- and as far as I know is there no way to change them. You just can change the strings, if you want them in your native language. Look for String IDs above 1500 in String-Library 2. You also have to set String Library 2 (or 3, 4).

The alarm displays look different in various Vision models. On a monochrome Vision130 they look very simple. On a Vision350 the look even better, like the images in VisiLogic-Help. On a Vision1210 they look very fine.

As you can't modify the screens, there is no need to export them to other projects. You might copy your strings with copy-and-paste to other projects.

If you are using VisiLogic alarms you have to take them as they are. If you are happy with them, then use it. If not, you have to build your own alarm screens, as many VisiLogic programmers did before Unitronics introduced alarms. I think many programmers are still using their own screens, because they want more flexibility. Maybe that's the reason, nobody answered by now.

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