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RS485 COMs to Nedap ballast


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Would like to get some assistance on the following, im using a US5/7-B5-TR22 with a UAC-CX-01RS4 for rs485 comms

Im talking to a single UV lamp ballast, I carnt seem to get any comms working, the ballast has LED indicators for when comms in working/ fault and also transmit and receive LED,s, I have got these on once then haven't managed to get them to come back, 

Im thinking its a software issue as I used some software off the internet "simply Modbus master" and could send commands and receive reply's,

I have had this working before with a similar ballast talking re485 using a samba PLC, but the customer wants to transition to unistream, 

I have attached a copy of a project I have been using to just try get the comms working, and also the document supplied with the ballast, specifying the registers to use

3kW Lamp Driver modbus rev13 100813.pdf Test Ballast project.ulpr

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Hi Pista

I must of missed the even parity when I was playing around trying to get it working, 

I have switched this back and is still not working, 

I have a question, when setting up Modbus comms I notice there is a block to se the Modbus slave ID, is there a need for me to use this also, when the PLC powers up should comms start automatically or is there a bit in the code I have to set/select for this to happen

Thanks for the help



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