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Unistream on WinCC Professional

Mr. Automatic

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Hi everyone,

I have a problem connecting Unistream and Siemens WinCC over Modbus TCP protocol. My equipment is:

Unistream US5-B10-T30
WinCC Professional V15.1
Project on Unistream is example "Modbus_TCP_Slave.ulpr
Two coils with address 40 and 50
Two holding registers 100 and 101

On the WinCC side, connection is defined as Modicon Modbus TCP
CPU type Unity,PL7
Port 502
Server (IP address of panel)
Remote slave address 1 (as in unistream)

For the HMI Tags I try MW40, MW50, MW100, MW101 and meny other combinations (x4, x3, shift one bit,...).
Can you point me to right direction.

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