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I'm retrofitting a PIN INSERTION MACHINE.

The maximum pins to be inserted are 512 (16x32), but there are variations of that; I'm thinking to use a RECIPE with 512 variables, each variable will have 2 elements one for X value and One for Y value, on the screen will have 512 SELLECT BUTTONS that will enable or disable each variable, this way the RECIPE can be modified via HMI to create new model numbers with different pin quantities and positions.

I'm using a V1040 that will control via (PTO) two Servo Drives, 1 for X-axis, 1 for Y-axis.

Has any one done something similar that can suggest or provide an example code on how to manage the variables?

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Hello Pelayo,

I've developed an XY test system that drove to various postions, stopped performed a test, then moved on to the next position. The maximum number of positions I had was 16 x 4. The design was on a V230 with an E5B snap on. This system was developed several years ago (before we had the nice PTO features)

My original design used the datatables functionality. Each recipe had it's own table, each table had a column for an X and a column for a Y location. I used PWM outputs to drive to each location, and had an encoder feedback on two inputs to validate position.

I then realized that everything we did was at a fixed repeat, so I made a much simpler version with only a few set up parameters.

1) X-axis offset - Offset to the first row.

2) Y-axis offset - Offset to the first stop location.

3) Y-axis repeat - distance from first stop location to the next stop location.

4) Y-axis lane count - number of times to drive Y axis the repeat,

5) X-axis repeat - distance from first row to subsequent rows.

6) X-axis lane count - number times to drive the X axis repeat.

Using a simple PLC side conversion encoder ticks to mm, and a process spec sheet for the operator and we were good to go.

Hope this helps a bit.


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