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FTP Client General Error


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I am having some trouble using the FTP Ladder functions (FTP Send, Receive, Compare Files). My PC (Win10) and PLC (USP-156-B10) are connected through a local network, with a server set up on my PC (using IIS). However, all LF FTP functions time out after approximately 20 seconds with the -6 General Error showing in the FTP Client Status. It is very similar to this problem:

The server works properly. I can add another computer to the network that can access it just fine, with both read and write permissions. The firewall is set to allow FTP communication. I have verified the IP, username, password and port settings. The PLC can ping my PC successfully. Moreover, when I monitor traffic on the server, I can see the PLC connect to it, the server always reports the latest command received from the PLC is PASV. It also reports that the PLC is connected as the user I specified in the PLC's FTP Client.

Forcing a reinstall of the latest Unistream Firmware also did not fix it. Changing the username and password causes the -6 error to show within a second, instead of after 20 seconds.
I have also attached the UniStream Management>Debug>Upload Log.



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