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V350 PLC PT100 32767 not connected or out of range

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I am new to Visions PLCs and am working on connecting a 3-wire PT100 sensor to a V350-35-TA24 PLC.

I always receive a reading on my HMI of 32767 weather the sensor is connected or not.


I am confident its wired properly (per the manual).  I tested the sensor on an old PID controller just to make sure the sensor works and it displays the temp properly.  The resistance is roughly 108 Ohms when measured with a multi-meter at room temperature.  I am currently using Analog Input 0, but have also tested it on Analog input 1 with the same result.  I have also triple checked the jumpers and they are set to PT100 per the manual.

The two wires that have continuity are wired to analog input 0.  The other wire is connected to CM.


I have basically nothing in my ladder and have just enough HMI configured to display  MI 1 as a variable:numeric.  This always results in a value of 32767.  I have the correct hardware selected in the HW Configuration.

Visilogic HW configuration:

Analog input 0 - Type PT100 (Alpha = 0.00385)

No Filter



Initialize during powerup: yes

Any help or pointers in the right direction would be greatly appreciated!  Assume I only have very basic knowledge of the visilogic software and any or its quirks.  I also added the project in case that helps.

Thanks in advance!



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