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Cant Send Email


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Ok so the panel is hooked up on my in-house network I assigned a static address of I can ping the panel. I configured the Panel as a FTP server and I can use command line FTP and FileZilla to access the files. I configured the Panel as a VNC Server and loaded Real VNC Viewer on my pc and I can view the panel.... However ...

When I try to configure email I get a -1 status back. I tried 2 accounts, one using my inhouse exchange server and 1 using gmail and I cannot send any email using either accounts to my local email address. Are there any log files or any debugging information available beyond the -1 ?

For my inhouse Exchange Server I tried using both the FQDN and the ip address of my exchange server. I also tried adding to the DNS  settings.



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OK So the plot thickens. I put a DNS Resolver ladder function in front of the Send Email function and no matter what hostname I put in, I tried remote.icsxxxxx.com and microsoft.com, I get a response of 9 no reply from server. 

For DNS Settings I have:

  1.  (from my pc)

I assume the no reply from server is from the DNS server, so if I can communicate to the panel via ftp, etc... why can I not talk to a DNS server.



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Ok I was finally able to send email to my local exchange server account using my local exchange server. Without getting into details, my problem was in the settings that I used in specifying the Account. A logfile would have saved me a lot of effort.

The following link was instrumental in digging out the answers: Microsoft : Use Telnet to test SMTP communication on Exchange Servers


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