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perhaps I'm next one with alarms problem. Lets say I have one button on display1. After pressing this button should be visible alarm. To see this alarm I definded Alarm000 under Gropus-General Collection. This Alarm000 contains alarma trigger = this button on display1 and condition that when trigger is ON. At first look should it work, but somehow does not..

I know example for v1040 but it doesn't seem to work as well (as I expect). I see all history alarm but I would like to see this alarm immediately visible after pressing button  on display1. What am I doing wrong?

Regards, Martin

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Ok, it seems that I got it at last. for others:

if you create an alarm then you should set alarm active bit (in config of this alarm)  and in main loop (or Main Routine) checks this bit. If ON then use Show Alarm. It is also good to  check Show Jump to Display  Button - it helps close alarm window and return directly to display.  simply

Or am I wrong?

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