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V130 and Scada

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Back in 2011 I've come to the conclusion that V570's hardware is a beast, and that no amount of ladder code would be able to fill it completely. So in 2014 I did a project with 3 V130, which are supposed to have the same CPU and memory power as V570, only in a smaller, cheaper package.

This is a small automation project involving few mixers and some material flow management. We have 3 PLCs, talking to each other via Ethernet, and a supervisory computer. Everyone loves to have a shiny 24" monitor, but paying more than $500 for a Scada package couldn't fit the budget, so Z-View SCADA was the logical choice.

I'm still dreaming of a day when Unitronics releases it's own SCADA package. So that you can draw screens and create reports in UniLogic, and have UniStream runtime on a Windows or Linux PC. Some UniDeSys or CodeTronNic.





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