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Protocol Scan Drops Data?

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Hi all, I'm pretty new to Unitronics so please bear with me.

I'm using a Vision 1210 to receive data over a serial connection. I can receive the data just fine if I have the Protocol Scan set up to receive the data as one long vector. I've shown a sample setup.


Now lets just say the data received looks like:



1 indicating start of text, 4 signaling end of text

If I then configure the Protocol scan with that in mind, I lose data. In this example, I might receive one variable, or neither. image.thumb.png.294db06ea8947f0889a6a05c3fcbc173.png


Is there something I need to do differently? Adding a timer, or scanning for data multiple times? Let me know if I need to include my actual configuration. It seemed easier to put together this example than to show the actual setup.




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