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troubleshooting with saving data to SD card

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to programming and also to visilogic. I have few problems with saving data on SD card :

1. Is it possible to conduct several transfer in parallel ? For example, I have measurement on pump 1 commanded by a first timer which begins when the pump starts and in parallel I have another pump2 which is independant and also linked with a second timer.

The transfer to SD card is written as shown in attachment.

The same procedure is written for 3 data export creating file in EXCEL 1, EXCEL 2 and EXCEL 3

Each writing begin with bits MB 201 for pump1, MB 301 for pump 2 and MB 401 for default recording.

To avoid writing conflicts, we used indirect contacts for MB 301 and MB401 when MB201 is set... But as the first step is a positive transition contact, what happens if the writing is not possible at this moment ?

2. The step for the transfer of data are

- search for file info on SD card

- if the file exists, next step

- if the file does'nt exist, create the file

- once the file exists, filling of the file every 10 seconds

We observed issues when the SD card is taken out the PLC to read or erase files directly on PC. It seems that the erased files are still present for PLC until we reinitialize the PLC. Therefore it causes a bug at the net 4 when searching for the file.

The SD card will be taken out the PLC to collect data every week. We were thinking about setting SB24 with a positive transition contact on SB217, which is working to reinitialize the PLC but then We coiuld'nt find a way tio reset the SB24... any idea or solution to actualise the files of SD card ?

3. The last issue is that recently the write process stops at the net 6. the status gives a bit 4 (SD Full) but the SD is not full and when the bit MB 200 is manualkly set, the writing finishes normally but at the next cycle it stops again at the same step....

Any comment or suggestion will be welcomed !

I'm working with Visilogic 9.0.3 ant the last OS version

Thanks everyone


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