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Visilogic needs administrator user to work on win10

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Hello All,

Today I ve asked my IT administrator to install Visilogic software in my company notebook.

For installing new software needs administrator acount  (company notebook),  but afterthat when I ve run the program

again program needs administrator logon to run !!!

That is no possible because company permits  to logon to windows  only as user .

Please is it possible to run Visilogic (also and U90LAD) as user on company notebook.

By the way I ve choosed unitronics PLC because software don t need license, and my project is so urgent.

Thanks in advance 

Blagoja Sotirovski

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Hi socaoh, 

You may have a look at the topic mentionned down below, where we were discussing about an issue involving old visilogic versions and Windows 10. I will try to recap what we know so far about Visilogic and Windows 10 compatibility :


1) On ANY version of VisiLogic, it MUST be run as administrator on Windows 10 or it will lead to Run-time errors and crash every 5 minutes which can be really annoying (a recent Windows 10 update may have forced the users to run the program as administrator)

2) You may want to run Visilogic version 9.8.65 if possible, since it is a stable version on Windows 10, according to other users.




3) Unlike Visilogic 9.8.65,  older versions (such as 9.5.0, or 9.3.1) won't run with admin privileges by default after installing them (you need to right click on the VisiLogic executable you downloaded, then Properties, Compatibility, and check "Run as Administrator" box)


4) To switch between Visilogic versions, the easiest way would be the VisiLogic Version Swapper. See the following steps :

    a. Copy your current Unitronic_Visilogic_C folder (where Visilogic is installed, typically "C://Unitronics/" ) and leave your copy "Unitronics_Visilogic_C - Copy" in your folder. Do not erase the original folder.

    b. Download the new Visilogic version you want to use from your browser. After opening the setup, select the option which erases the old version of Visilogic and replaces it with the new one (if my memory is right, it should be the 2nd option "Repair"). Your "Unitronics_Visilogic_C" folder will now contain your new Visilogic version.

    c. Open Visilogic Version Swapper (a tool provided within your Visilogic folder) to switch between versions. Make sure you use the latest version of "Visilogic version swapper", namely the one provided with Visilogic version 9.8.65 to avoid errors.

    d. Select the folder containing your new Visilogic version and click "Register". Now you may create a shortcut of your new Visilogic version on your desktop. 

You can add as much Visilogic version as you like, i typically rename my folders with the right version (for example "Unitronics_Visilogic_C - 9.8.65").


Okay, i may have answered your initial question in points 1) and 2) already. The last points were just bonus if you were to work on an old Visilogic project ;)





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I thought about your trouble and i may have a suggestion for you :

if you use a virtual machine (VirtualBox by Oracle), you can load an older version of Windows, and thus you can play with Visilogic without administrator privileges (in older versions such as 9.5.0, 9.4.0 etc.

And maybe (advanced users may confirm), you can run a Windows 10 virtual machine in which your session is an administrator one (so that you can launch VisiLogic 9.8.65, which requires admin rights by default when opening it). But i am really not sure about it. Again, needs confirmation.


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