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PID Server with PID Autotune Config

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I have recently run into a issue where using the ladder based Autotune for a burner. At the end of a 3 stage tune, we were still getting to big an oscillation. I read on the forum here the suggestion of PID server. So we went to use it.

Here is my question. All the values that PID Server is looking for, come right out to the legacy PID Config FB. PID Server needs to have an operand in each of the functions but which are necessary? During the autotune, the Reset Intregal Bit was high but in our ladder we did not include it. For PID Server to work correctly do I need to make sure this is in the ladder? Are there any other functions that are recommended?

We did try the autotune without putting the addtional functions in the ladder just linked them to unused operands and still got bigger oscillation then we wanted. The biggest problem was it took 15 min to get to setpoint when the burner is capable of reaching it in 30sec.

Any input would be helpful.


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