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I'm working on project where I need to display 5 trends. In !Main Routine I'm setting trends for all variables. All data is stored in Data Table, and each variable has its own table consisted with one row. The main program runs two pumps depending on conditions. If operator wants to display trends from pump 1, V280 opens new screen and should display two trends about pumps work and malfunction. Same thing with second pump. The 5th trend i linked with water level displayed separately. So I have 3 screens and 5 trends.

To configure, fill and display I'm using FB (trend config, trend loop fill and trend loop draw). When whole machinery is set to start all conditions to start pumps are checked and fill loops are activated. When it comes to display trends draw loop is activated. It look like that:

!main subroutine -> trends configuration

all condition check -> trends fill loop for all variables (5)

display 'pump 1 trends' -> jump to 'all condition check' then pump 1 draw loop

display 'pump 1 trends' -> jump to 'all condition check' then pump 2 draw loop

display 'water level' -> jump to 'all condition check' then water level draw loop

Now ... the problem is, that if I'm working with one trend, lets say 'water level' its OK. But when it comes to fill all 5 trends and then drawing them. Its strange - sometimes 'water level' is filled with 'pumps malfunction' but after uploading project (after changing other things not linked with trends) the situation is different - 'pumps malfunction' is filled with 'water level'. Ill remind that all fill loops are located in one subroutine and when it comes to display particular trend new subroutine is called and from it program jumps to subroutine where conditions are checked and where fill loops are located. Program jumps back to subroutine which contains draw loop.

Am I doing something wrong? Or V280 has limitations with filling and drawing trends.

THX in advance

PS. sorry for my English :)

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